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Code Capsules Hack Days and Free Tech Consulting

Every Friday we run an informal "hack day" in our Slack from 2pm (UTC+2) onwards. This is a time where people from the dev community can come and share side projects (or main projects) that they are working on, get feedback from peers, or get help from our team on anything they need.

Drop in to say hi or stay and work with us for a few hours - it's a safe space and supportive environment :)

People work on everything from their dev portfolios to machine learning projects. Some people post 'live updates' of what they're working on for others to follow along, and others simply observe. For beginners, we have a series of tutorials that you can work through and get realtime help if you get stuck.

Gareth Dwyer and Miki von Ketelhodt as well as others with expertise ranging through software engineering, design, DevOps, and startups will be available to help you out, give you feedback, or answer your questions on anything tech related.

Code Capsules Slack

Join our Slack and come say hi.