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Napptive ceased operations. It's time to find a new home. Join Code Capsules.
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On February 6, 2024, Napptive, an IDP provider, sent an email to their users informing them that their service would be shut down, effective March 6, 2024.

This means that many developers requiring a platform for their frontend, backend and database development, who relied on Napptive, are now sitting high and dry, with no place to go with their code.

If you’re a Napptive user, we want you to bring your projects over to Code Capsules, the only platform you need for frontend, backend and database development.

Worried about migration?

Don’t stress. We’ll assist you with the migration process to ensure that what must be a stressful situation is handled with the utmost of professionality.

Get your projects over onto Code Capsules ASAP and enjoy continued uptime and support as your projects keep humming along smoothly.

If you’re uncertain, hop onto our Slack channel, where we’re ready to answer all of your questions.

Have a Question?

If you'd like more information before you commit, please don't hesitate to join us on Slack, or book a calendar slot to speak to one of our platform experts.
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