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one platform for all your mean

Consolidate and Save

If you’re a MEAN/MERN/MEVN dev, you’re probably used to setting up your dev environment the old way, with a service for each of the components of your stack.

Traditionally, it’s Heroku for your backend, Netlify for your frontend and Atlas for MongDB.

That’s no longer necessary. With Code Capsules you set up everything inside a single platform.

Not only does this save a significant amount on billing, it also kills software sprawl. It’s just so much easier to manage everything from a single place.

Not to mention the security benefit. Having more than one login is a potential security disaster. All those entry points! With Code Capsules, you have one gate to guard.

You can also add your whole team of developers to Code Capsules, and manage permissions from the dashboard. The best part is, you don’t pay per seat, only per compute usage.

Worried about migration? We’ll gladly assist. Just click the Slack button to reach out, and we’ll help you move your old setup to a fresh new Code Capsules dashboard.

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Click the button below to get going on Code Capsules. Worried about migration? Click the Slack button to reach out. We'll gladly assist.


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