Fully Integrated PaaS App Development Solutions

The comprehensive PaaS, with frontend, backend, database and DevOps solutions to suit your app development needs.

Frontend Solutions

Supported platforms - Angular, React, Vue, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

  • 1. Sign up to Code Capsules
  • 2. Create a space for your capsules (apps)
  • 3. Link to your Github account
  • 4. Add your Github Repo to a Team
  • 5. Create and build the Capsule (app)
  • 6. Build and deploy

Easily deploy your Angular, React, Vue, or static websites in three simple steps. | Serverless | Static Server Hosting | HTML | CSS | Javascript | UI | Deploy straight from Github | Large media handling capabilities


Last login: Mar 28, 2023 on console

Home ~% cd /my-cool-app

  • 1. git add .
  • 2. git commit -am `add: new feature`
  • 3. git push origin master
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Backend Solutions

Supported platforms - Flask, Express, Node.js, Python, Java, Etc.


Dynamic Server | Faster delivery times | Serverless functions | Powerful builds | Collaborating made easy | Automated SSL certificates

Database Servers

Supported platforms - MySQL, Mongo


With easy-to-use collaborative abstractions, you can create, read, update, and delete database items.

We guarantee your resulting database server to be configurable, scalable, and production-ready.

Local african cloud based deployment

Local Cloud Solutions

Supported platforms - Google cloud, Aws, Plus one x, Microsoft Azure, etc.

Choose your favourite cloud.


Custom Cloud

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DevOps as a Service

We offer a simple and free cloud development platform - a comprehensive plan for web projects that aids disruptive developer success.

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If you’re keen to accelerate your development, enjoy effortless coding, and want to spend more time seeing your app loved than trying to make it work, get started with Code Capsules today.

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