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The PaaS for MEAN dev teams

Build, Deploy and Scale Your MEAN Stack Effortlessly.

Smash software sprawl. No longer do you need Heroku, Netlify and Atlas. You bring your MEAN stack, and we provide all the tools you need to build, deploy and scale your apps quickly, easily and securely.

One PaaS for all your MEAN

One Platform

When you run your MEAN stack the old-fashioned way, you need services like Heroku, Netlify and Atlas. That’s at least three accounts to get your apps going. Not so with Code Capsules. With Code Capsules, you set up a frontend, backend and database using a single platform.

Seamless Development

Code Capsules lets you pull your code directly from your GitHub repository into the correct container, ensuring top performance and low risk security.


All it takes are two simple steps. Once your repository is configured, every subsequent git push deploys your app.


Cut costs by using a single platform for your frontend, backend and database needs. Your MEAN stack is up and running in no time, and costs less than running multiple services.

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