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Code Capsules Is Proud to Partner With This Company

We're happy to partner with an award-winning coding education company.
Code Capsules
code capsules is proud to partner with a company that’s received an award for best coding & technology education institution in south africa

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What do you get when you cross a software development PaaS (the owners of which struggle to fall sleep at night because they’re excited about their day at the office tomorrow) with a company that received the Best Coding & Technology Education Institution in South Africa award?

There’s no name for this classy sort of coding coalition, but what’s coming is nothing short of lush and yummy.

That’s why it’s a joy, a delight, nay, an absolute privilege, to announce our strategic partnership with CodeSpace. Did I mention that award they received with a name so long I dread typing it again?

Yes, folks, it’s a match made in Coding Dashboard Heaven, and it’ll lead to a beautiful cross-pollination between the experts in PaaS development environments, and the heroes of software education, who teach next generations of coders to become app developers of distinction.

How will Code Capsules support CodeSpace?

CodeSpace sat with a problem…

Students with limited funds (which accounts for probably 90% plus) were forced to sign up for a number of services, just to get their coding training underway through CodeSpace.

That included having to create various web services like an AWS database, a server from Heroku, setting up OAuth, and other fiery hoop jumps that left students and CodeSpace exasperated.

Code Capsules makes signup simple.

Instead of having to hack together a splintered environment, students sign up as a Team Member inside a Code Capsules team set up for CodeSpace.

You see how easy it is now? The student is saved from having to set up dependencies. They’re free to spend their time CODING. They’re unfettered, which means they can build their coding portfolio and start looking good to future employees.

CodeSpace can set up limits based on a team member’s needs.

Why use CodeSpace?

While CodeSpace offers a cutting-edge education portal that grants students access to video material, code snippets, detailed code walkthroughs, coding challenges and coding projects, what really sets them apart is their methodology.

Their goal is to empower learners to enter the tech industry seamlessly.

That’s why they’ve shaped their company to emulate an online working environment and a tech startup that encourages teamwork.


While many people cling to the dated idea that a degree is a must-have to succeed in our day and age, the truth is that traditional institutes have not kept up with the frantic pace the online world moves at.

In fact, it would probably be a fool’s errand to try and keep up in terms of offering accreditation.

A student might get accredited in a specific field of software development today, only to find out tomorrow their accreditation is worth half a brick.

Tech companies don’t care about what a student says they can do; they care about what the student can do. That’s why they favor those who can fabricate usable code at a rapid pace, as opposed to a wall full of certificates.

Enter CodeSpace.

Whereas a computer science degree could set a student back three to four years and a couple of hundred K, CodeSpace can chase a prospect into coding shape in as little as six months, like a personal trainer helping students build finger six-packs, using (legal) coding steroids.

The thing is, they don’t waste time teaching students stuff they might never use; they teach students what the industry wants students to do.

Post-grad employment

CodeSpace has a 91% graduate employment rate.

That’s sick!

The fact that CodeSpace helps their students set up coding portfolios makes it easy for future employees to see if a student can cut the mustard.

There’s no space for slackers, and CodeSpace makes sure their students are productive software developers who add value to their employees.


CodeSpace takes their mission to provide young South Africans access to world-class coding education, uber-seriously.

That’s why they offer financial support to financially excluded students through their innovative and ethical Income Share Agreements.

If a prospective coder has the chops, CodeSpace has the fire. They make sure everyone’s welcome at this coding bring-and-braai.

In conclusion

CodeSpace is the perfect partner for Code Capsules.

This mutually beneficial friendship should lead to a magical outcome, with coding students gaining access to a cutting-edge coding environment that’ll help them spend their time on coding, not architecture.

Thank you, CodeSpace, for allowing us into your, ahem, space.

Here’s to a favorable future.

Interested in studying with CodeSpace? Check out their coding programs.

Table of content