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Don’t Pay Per Seat

Code Capsules does not charge a per-user fee, making it a more affordable MEAN stack platform.
Code Capsules
you could pay per seat if you like wasting money, or sign up with us and pay only for what you use

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One of the ways some PaaS make money is to sell their product on a per-seat basis.

That means, no matter the scale of your project, no matter how many apps you launch, you pay per user.

Check this Tweet, for instance…

So if you have a teeny website running off flat files, barely making a dent in the World Wide Web, and you’d like more than one user to access the backend, you’ll pay an additional fee for that user (and for any additional users beyond).

It makes plenty of sense… to the PaaS wanting to smoke users and grab their money. But for you, the end user, it doesn’t add up.

If the PaaS has set up their product correctly, and it’s running smoothly, there is no reason to charge additional fees for accessing the product. A fee based on compute works great for both the PaaS and the end user. It keeps costs low for the end user, and makes scaling up or down much easier.

There’s no reason to load the end user with a per-seat cost.

From where I’m standing, it looks like some PaaS are simply being greedy.

It’s the PaaS’ right to charge what they want. But it’s also your right to find a more cost-effective solution for your app development needs.

That’s why you should check out Code Capsules.

We don’t charge per seat. We charge only for compute usage. That’s it.

That means you enjoy a top-end development environment that gives you everything you need to get your app built and launched quickly, at a reasonable cost that leaves  your wallet a little heavier.

Sign up for Code Capsules and get your app going (without paying an enormous, unnecessary cost).

Table of content