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Use Case –

How we streamlined processes for a premium supplier of water toys to super yachts.
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Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Ocean Premium, a supplier of water toys to super yachts in the Atlantic ocean.

The company was having trouble with their existing website, a WordPress installation running the Elementor page builder and WooCommerce, the most popular WordPress ecommerce solution on the market.

Although great for marketing, WordPress didn’t cut the mustard when it came to Ocean Premium’s need for more advanced booking features.

One of the major issues they faced was that clients would log into the system, book toys, but fail to pay. This left Ocean Premium with a titanic problem.

This situation gave them a headache. They needed to find a solution, since they couldn’t use a clunky system to run an exclusive outfit.

We listened to Ocean Premium’s concerns and worked closely with them to develop a comprehensive plan that met their unique business needs.

We then took swift action, using our technical expertise and creative problem-solving skills to design and develop a software solution that was efficient, effective, and tailored to their business.

The solution involved creating a new web app to run alongside their WordPress website.

The reason we didn’t take the WordPress website offline was because they had set up landing pages on it that work well. Furthermore, they also prefer to have some control over their website, especially since they use it for marketing purposes.

So WordPress continues to serve as their marketing base, while the new web app does most of the heavy lifting, since this is the admin panel where customers can book their water toys.

The tandem website runs an Angular instance for the frontend, while the backend is powered by Node.js. The whole system is set up on Code Capsules, which makes it easy to maintain and scale.

From a user perspective, the WordPress installation and the booking engine are one and the same. The sales funnel leads from search engine (or paid ad campaign, or whichever marketing channel), to their WordPress website, and from there to a booking admin panel. The admin panel is styled to look like the WordPress site, which makes for a seamless experience.

For Ocean Premium, adding a separate web app to handle bookings made a huge difference. Booking payments no longer slip through the cracks.

The outcome was exceptional.

Ocean Premium’s whole business now operates more efficiently. Their website has faster load times.

Their newfound efficiency leads to better cash flow, which is what business is all about.

Ocean Premium is thrilled with the results, and we’re proud to have been a part of their success.

Ocean Premium’s use case is proof that exceptional software solutions can make a real difference to your business bottom line.

Of course, it won’t matter if you have a cutting edge bespoke software solution, yet it’s running on a server that’s slower than a steamboat with a hull full of holes.

That’s why you need Code Capsules for hosting your app. With rapid frontend, backend and database deployment and easy scaling, Code Capsules is the obvious answer to your app development needs.

Table of content