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Would You Put All Your Money in One Investment?

Playing fast and loose with your data by dumping it all on one cloud? There's a better way.
Code Capsules
you wouldn't put all your money in one bank, so why would you put all your data in one cloud

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At the time of writing, it’s a few months after the collapse of SVB, once the sixteenth largest bank in the US, and Wikipedia’s article on the bank started speaking of the entity in the past tense a mere day after their demise.

That’s the nature of our world; nothing seems permanent, and nothing seems certain.

In fact, it’s not that long ago that another famous acronym, SBF, went under with his leaky ship, FTX.

We’re drowning in a sea filled with acronyms that simply can’t keep their heads above water.

It makes you wonder: who in their right mind would place all their money in a single bank? Doesn’t make sense, right? It seems a reckless way to handle your capital.

If that’s the case, why do some devs keep their data in a single cloud?

Why not leverage the tech available to them, such as provided by Code Capsules, a leading African PaaS, to ensure their data is distributed across various cloud instances?

If you’re a CTO, why would you not want to use a system that helps you work smarter, faster and more efficiently, and when time comes to scale, helps you do so easily?

Why not ensure quick deployment, data integrity, scalability and data security?

It makes sense to use an integrated development environment that lets you create and manage apps easily, and scale with minimal effort.

“But,” you’re thinking, “you just said it’s reckless to place all your eggs in one basket. Now you’re telling me to trust a single cloud provider with all of my data. That doesn’t make sense.”

Let’s clarify.

Using Code Capsules does not negate the use of multiple cloud instances. You still have access to multiple clouds (including Google Cloud, AWS, or Azure), but instead of juggling all these baskets yourself, Code Capsules takes care of them for you. You simply move your eggs to whichever basket you want, hassle-free.

Furthermore, you remain in control; you’re the head chef. But instead of wasting time on ensuring your development environment runs smoothly, you can spend time on creating apps users will love.

What happens when your app becomes popular and starts drawing more users?

With Code Capsules, not only do you have access to a secure development environment that lets your team members easily collaborate, allows them to build quickly and deploy with lightning speed, but scaling is as easy as the click of a mouse button.

You simply upgrade your usage plan in a few clicks and the app is scaled, with proper load-balancing ensuring your app keeps running smoothly.

What about cost?

Surely being able to develop with such ease, and being able to scale with hardly any effort, must come with a large price tag?

Not at all!

Code Capsules offers a world-class, cutting-edge PaaS, but discounts the cost of getting a dedicated team to manage your development environment.

But don’t be fooled by the low cost. Affordable != cheap.

You’re getting a premium development product that’s affordable, allows your whole team to collaborate with ease, lets you set up apps with a few clicks, and is easy to scale.

There’s much to be said about Code Capsules, but the best way to experience it is to sign up and start using the service.

So click here, sign up and start enjoying a coding environment that allows you quick development and deployment, and easy scaling.

Table of content