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Fully Integrated DevOps Environment

Transform your application into a high-performing, reliable powerhouse with our cutting-edge PaaS DevOps services. Experience effortless deployment, instant scaling, and constant monitoring for optimal results. Pull from GitHub and go.

Managing your own servers can be a draining and costly task. Code Capsules takes the reins, allowing you to kick back and let us handle the infrastructure and maintenance, while you focus on crafting the perfect application. By outsourcing the heavy lifting, Code Capsules frees up your time and budget, giving you more resources to pour into your applications.

Scaling your application can be a daunting task, especially when traffic spikes unexpectedly. Code Capsules has your back, with automatic scaling, allowing your application to flex and adapt to changes in traffic seamlessly. By removing the stress and uncertainty of scaling, Code Capsules helps your application perform at its best and stay online, even during peak traffic.

Monitoring and troubleshooting your application can be a headache, especially when it’s running on multiple servers. Code Capsules offers monitoring and troubleshooting tools that make it a breeze to keep an eye on your application’s performance and health. With these tools in your arsenal, you can quickly identify and solve issues, ensuring your application runs smoothly, delighting your users.

Punch in your data


Here are some of the benefits of using Code Capsules for your DevOps.
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If you’re serious about collaboration, you know that any hurdles between teams make communication and deployment unnecessarily hard.

Because we’re wired for collaboration, your team can communicate with ease, ensuring tasks get done and deployment happens quickly.

We take care of the infrastructure, you continue focusing on alignment and integration, which means you’ll enjoy fast, reliable services and automation.

Code Capsules is a collaboration dream, seamlessly integrating with popular project management and collaboration tools like GitHub and Trello, making teamwork a breeze.

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Downtime is a nightmare, but not knowing about downtime or critical issues is even worse.

Code Capsules provides you with a suite of applications to monitor your products.

You also gain access to debugging solutions to ensure your system remains bug-free.

Your DevOps team gets a crystal clear view of how their code is behaving in the wild, allowing them to swiftly identify and fix any issues.

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Code Quality

Code Capsules’ PaaS solution is a code quality wizard, with advanced tools that automatically identify and fix potential bugs and vulnerabilities, ensuring your code is always tip-top.
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Release & Deploy

Release and deploy automatically, with Code Capsules running all the operations in alignment with your operation.

Understand the basics of security scan results, build status, code and analyze whether apps should be promoted to the next environment.

Policies and guidance from Code Capsules are in place to advise on promoting apps.

Code Capsules’ PaaS solution makes deployment a breeze, with automated testing and deployment, allowing your team to push out updates and new features faster than a speeding bullet.

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You don’t want to spend time on manual operations.

Code Capsules makes automation top priority, giving you an efficient software development experience.

The delivery cycle between your operations and development teams are all automated, giving you faster app deployment.

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If your system catches a snag, and you can’t roll back, you’re in for a long, troublesome ride.

Code Capsules’ PaaS solution offers an advanced versioning system, allowing your team to roll back to previous versions of their code in case of any hiccups, thus eliminating the risk of down-time.

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Fragmentation leads to disorder, which leads to sub-par performance.

Code Capsules encourages teamwork throughout the management process. This ensures strong collaboration, which leads to higher levels of productivity.

Our DevOps service assists your core IT team with a fully functioning, automated delivery pipeline which adapts your deployment cycles to any changes.

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Premium Support

Flying solo seems like a good idea, but when one of your engines blows up and leaves you plummeting to earth with one wing, you need help.

Code Capsules has your back. We have a thriving community of Code Capsules users who can help you with your database development needs.

Or join us on Slack for direct comms.

Code Capsules offers 24x7x365 Premium support.