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Fully integrated backend development environment

Start your effortless backend development journey with Code Capsules. Easily build, deploy, and host your code-base.Includes Flask, Express, Node.js, Python or Java frameworks. Pull from GitHub and go.

Table of content

Why use Code Capsules for your Backend?

If you’re a backend developer, or you manage a team of backend devs, you’re probably aware of the complexities involved with setting up and maintaining a development environment.

Tools of the trade

Your backend dev puzzle probably contains the following pieces...


Your applications need a server, storage and networking capabilities. These need to be provisioned and configured, then maintained for the long run.

Operating system

As with infrastructure, you need an operating system to run your apps from. Once installed and configured, you need to maintain it for optimum performance.

Runtime environment

You might need a custom runtime environment too, such as JVM. Again, you’re in charge of installation, configuration and maintenance.

Application server

Another piece of the puzzle is an application server, such as Tomcat or Wildfly.


Of course, you’d need a place to store data to, which would be something like MySQL, PostgreSQL or Mongo. Those are five pieces of a puzzle that may require many more, depending on the backend application you’re developing. Setting up all of these components and ensuring they keep running smoothly becomes a daunting task.

Monitoring and logging

One of the most important aspects of maintaining a solid backend development environment is keeping an eye on things. There’s no point in running state-of-the-art backend tools, only to find out much too late that something broke and brought down the whole system hours ago, and you only find out about it now. Not to mention fault-finding. If you’re debugging, the last thing you want to do is spend more time on finding the problem than is necessary. Part of debugging is system logging. If you don’t keep logs, you make problem solving much more difficult than it already is.

Nightmare waiting to happen?

All of these elements add up to form a system that, if not kept up, could come crashing down harder than a plane without wings, leaving you and your clients swimming in a sea of trouble. With Code Capsules you don’t have to worry about setting up any of the dependencies. You gain access to all the backend development tools you need to set up an environment that’s not only secure, but remains secure throughout the lifetime of your app Although time-to-launch is a significant benefit, there’s an even greater benefit to using Code Capsules for your backend development. Scaling is easy. If you don’t use Code Capsules for your app development, and a few months down the line your app requires scaling because it’s popping at the seams with popularity, you’ll be forced to migrate. This alone is a right royal pain where you don’t want spasms. Code Capsules, however, makes it easy for you to scale your app quickly. That means you won’t be stuck in a nightmare of downtime, users clawing at your throat because you’re keeping them from enjoying your application. If you’re keen to spin up a backend that leaves you free to focus on customer satisfaction, Code Capsules is the obvious choice. It lets you quickly and easily create one of a number of popular backend development frameworks in a secure, always-up-to-date environment, leaving you to work on making more happy clients, and keeping them happy.


The benefits of using Code Capsules for your backend development.

Scaling & Load Balancing

The last thing you want to waste time on is ensuring scaling your app doesn’t turn into a disaster. Code Capsules comes with built-in scaling and load-balancing capabilities. You can easily adjust these parameters as and when you need to.

Reduced Complexity & Cost

Without Code Capsules, you’re forced to manage and maintain the infrastructure required to ensure your app keeps running. Code Capsules takes care of all of the underlying infrastructure, so you can focus on writing code and scaling when necessary.


Eliminate the need for setting up security measures to ensure your app runs without compromise. Code Capsules takes care of security and compliance for you.


Imagine having to take care of the upkeep of your infrastructure, OS, runtime environment, application server, and database. You can imagine this will devour your time. Since Code Capsules installs and maintains all of these components for you, you can rest assured that your app runs on the latest tech, at all times.

Services & Tools

Whether you need Express, Flask, Java, Node.js, or Python, Code Capsules has the right tool for your backend development needs.

Increased Productivity

Would you rather spend time on ensuring every bolt on your infrastructure remains in place while you try to steer the thing that’s supposed to host your app securely and without hiccups? Or would you rather spend time on getting more people onboard, using your app, and scaling your business? The choice is obvious. The more time you spend on developing your app, the more users you can get aboard, and the more money you can make. This is not necessary, though. Code Capsules lets you spend time on what matters: building your app.

3rd Party Integration

You could try to set up APIs for your apps, or you could set up a capsule with Code Capsules which allows you to easily integrate with other services and products.

Backup & Recovery

If you’re running a homebrew environment for your backend development, chances are you're not spending much time on backups and data recovery. With Code Capsules, you don’t have to worry about backing up your data, and when disaster strikes, Code Capsules has your back.

Monitoring & Logging

Set up another tool just for monitoring and logging? Why? Code Capsules comes with monitoring and logging tools that allow you to keep an eye on your app’s performance, and debug easily when something goes south.

Premium Support

Flying solo seems like a good idea, but when one of your engines blows up and leaves you plummeting to earth in a plane with one wing, you need help. Code Capsules has your back. We have a thriving community of Code Capsules users who can help you with your backend development needs. Furthermore, Code Capsules offers 24x7x365 Premium support.


These are the features that make your backend development a breeze.

Serverless Functions

Deploy serverless functions without configuring API gateways.

Powerful Build Plugins

Speed up processes by using leading build plugins and automate workflows for specific tasks. Using powerful plugins can result in optimized site performance, speed up builds and add extra functionality to websites.

Collaboration Functionalities

Get the best and easiest collaboration functionalities available. Sync parties and integrate on Github for an effortless experience. Seamless interaction between relevant parties for Deploy Previews and attributes.

Advanced Security

Grant access to teams / individuals with the guarantee that they’re added securely and privately. Granting access can be linked to accounts, roles, and access control to your projects.

Team Scaling

If you’re flying solo on your backend development, no problem, Code Capsules gives you everything you need for a pleasant flight. But we also make it easy for you to upgrade the capacity of your backend development flight. Need more team members onboard? Open the door and let them in. Easy!

Cloud Support

Use your favorite cloud for code deployment… Google Cloud Azure Plus One X AWS Custom Cloud


You have access to: Express, Flask, Go App, Java, Node.js, and Python.

GitHub Integration

Push your code and let Code Capsules take care of your deployment, hassle-free. No matter the platform, GitHub implements a simple and easy workflow by providing users with effective tools. Code Capsules is made by developers for developers. Because we are you, we understand you. Code Capsules lets you enjoy minimum friction in implementation and seamless team integration.