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Fully Integrated Database Environment

Start your effortless database development journey with Code Capsules. Easily build and host your data in MySQL or Mongo. Pull from GitHub and go.

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Why use Code Capsules for your Database Development?

If you’re a database developer, you’re aware of the pain involved in setting up a database development environment that’s easy to maintain, secure, and scales. You’d be faced with issues like provisioning and configuring servers, which can chew up your time. If you’re new to databases, you'd need to spend time to learn the underlying infrastructure of your database, too. Then you'd need to install and configure your database software. And once your database starts bursting at the seams, you’d need to spend time scaling. Remember that time when your data disappeared, and you didn’t have a backup? No disaster recovery; nothing. You felt like you were drowning in despair. Now, it might not take years to set up your database, especially if you’re running MongoDB and use something like MongoDB Atlas. But if you go it alone in your database dev journey, there are still plenty of other things to worry about, including the underlying architecture, and whether it’ll withstand the test of time. Code Capsules lets you provision a server and set up a database (SQL or MongoDB) with a few clicks of a button. And when your database starts cracking from overload, it’s easy to upgrade, without running the risk of crashing something and losing everything. Your data is always available, and if things go south, simply revert to a backup. You're left with more time to build and implement your database, and more energy to spend on important things, like choosing the next show to watch on Netflix. With easy-to-use collaborative abstractions, you can create, read, update, and delete database items. Welcome to Code Capsules, the PaaS that makes it easy for you to configure your database, get it production-ready and scale when you need to.


Working with Code Capsules allows you just the right amount of stress. You know, the kind that makes you think, should I have another cheeseburger? Should I invest in that sweet new mountain bike? I certainly need it, if I’m having fries with my burger. Reduce your stress to manageable levels, kick frustration out the window, and put your fears to rest. With Code Capsules, you’ll have everything you need to get your database environment running like a well oiled machine.

Advanced Security

We can assure you that Code Capsules has the best security systems in place. You get strict access control, which means you’ll enjoy stress-free database development.

Multi-cloud Support

It’s a challenging task, having to manually configure and manage a database across multiple cloud environments. Code Capsules supports multiple clouds, including Google Cloud, AWS, PlusOneX, Azure, or a custom cloud.


The last thing you want is a data breach. That could cost you far more than a monetary fine. Code Capsules works hard to implement top-tier privacy policies and structures to ensure your data remains safe.

Global Distribution

You might get along fine with your database situated in a single location. But the moment your database starts working hard, and people start accessing your app from locations across the globe, you’ll feel the pain. Code Capsules lets you set up your database with global distribution, which means you’ll enjoy low latency, high availability, compliance, and improved performance, due to the distribution of read and write loads.

Automated Backups

No need to set up your own backup system. Code Capsules lets you automatically backup your database, ensuring you always have something to fall back onto, in the event of data loss.

Data Consistency

Because our data servers offer superior uptime, you can enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing your database is consistently up and running. Mundane tasks the average database dev needs to take care of, we take care of, leaving you to focus on ensuring your database delivers. Access your data easily and quickly, from anywhere you have an internet connection and access to your code capsule.


Getting your database to work with other frameworks and languages can be nothing short of a right royal pain in the ear, if you’ve set it up in a DIY fashion. Code Capsules makes it easy for you to integrate various other platforms with your database, which means you can focus on your development, not infrastructure engineering.


If you’re flying solo and have your own database server hacked together, you’ll have to spend plenty of time ensuring your infrastructure runs at the latest version, else you might wake up one day to find your data floating all over the show. Since Code Capsules takes care of the infrastructure, your database is always running the cutting edge version, ensuring you don’t have to worry about outages.


If you’re running your database on a slapdash server, you’ll find it hard to scale. Code Capsules offers you fluid resources. In other words, you have access to as much CPU power as your database needs. Likewise, if you run out of memory, upgrading is a simple process. No hardware changes needed or wading through ticket hell to get more memory allocation. You choose your resources and upgrade as and when needed.

Monitoring and Alerts

Yes, uptime is important, and yes, you must receive alerts in the event of an outage, but why would you want to set up such a system yourself? Code Capsules lets you easily monitor your database’s uptime, and if it should go down, you’ll be notified.


Setting up a database and maintaining it to perform continuously at peak performance takes plenty of time and guts. We’re not saying you lack the latter, but the former is not worth wasting. That’s why it makes sense to get started with Code Capsules. You choose the infrastructure you need, the database you’d like to use and start developing.

Premium Support

Flying solo seems like a good idea, but when one of your engines blows up and leaves you plummeting to earth with one wing, you need help. Code Capsules has your back. We have a thriving community of Code Capsules users who can help you with your database development needs. Or join us on Slack for direct comms. Code Capsules offers 24x7x365 Premium support.


Code Capsules gives you a 99% uptime SLA. That means your database keeps plugging away at serving up data.