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Fully Integrated Frontend Environment

Start your effortless frontend development journey with Code Capsules. Easily build, deploy, and host your code-base. Includes Angular, React, Vue, HTML5 and JavaScript. Pull from GitHub and go.

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Why use Code Capsules for your Frontend?

If you’re a frontend developer, or you manage a team of frontend devs, you’re probably aware of the complexities involved with setting up and maintaining a development environment.

Tools of the trade

Your frontend development toolbox, if you’re not using Code Capsules, probably includes at least some of the following tools…

Web server

You might be running Apache, Nginx or LightTPD.


If you’re creating a CMS or database-driven application, you’ll need a database to store info. With Code Capsules, setting up and connecting a DB is a matter of clicks.

Runtime environment

You’ll be running something like Node.js, maybe. Or perhaps Java.

Version control

Perhaps you’re running Git for version control.


You might be running Jenkins or Travis CI for deployment purposes.


To ensure everything runs smoothly, you’d need to set up a monitoring system.

That’s quite a plateful

Setting up those components is one thing. Don’t forget, however, that you’d need to monitor all of them to ensure they’re up to date and running optimally, so your app remains online and available to your audience at all times. That could seriously dent your time. That’s why it makes sense to get started with Code Capsules. Code Capsules is your perfect frontend development solution, spun up in a few clicks.


These are the benefits you'll enjoy from using Code Capsules.


So you’ve set up some roughshod, rusty backyard structure for your frontend development and what do you know, your app’s drawing attention! It’s time to scale. Your dream’s about to become one of those running-through-the-school-hall-naked nightmares. Traffic’s on the rise, and the flood is causing your backyard shack development environment to come crashing down faster than a recession. With Code Capsules, scaling is as easy as clicking a mouse button.


It’s fun to stay up all night fighting XSS and CSRF attacks, right? If you’d like to spend your time on better things, though, get on board with Code Capsules. We’ve got your security sorted, so you don’t have to worry about getting the internet’s floor wiped with your app, using the sweat you’ll obviously expend trying to get your security in order.


That maintenance checklist’s only halfway done, and you’re already at the end of the day. Or you could get started with Code Capsules and not break a single drop of sweat on ensuring your environment hums like a rainforest.


Deployment is no longer a slog up a mountain with an angry brown bear sitting on your back. You’ve got server config, load balancing, update management, setting up monitoring, and a host of other tasks, if you’re going it alone (not counting the hungry brown bear). Code Capsules makes deployment so simple you’ll be wondering what to do with the rest of your day. Which, of course, you could spend building an amazing app.


So, X (formerly Twitter) greeted you this morning with your name, preceded by an expletive, as a hashtag! Your lack of monitoring your app sent some users to looney town, and now they’re making you the mayor. Code Capsules has the tools you need to keep a finger on the pulse at all times, ensuring that, if an outage comes, you can quickly and easily troubleshoot.


Turn the centrifugal lever 21 degrees to the right with your left hand, then switch the superdiffusilator to the midway on position with your right toe, at exactly the moment the centrifugal level reaches the 20.5 degree mark. Or get on board with Code Capsules, and set up your coding environment in a few clicks.

Instant Horizontal Scaling

Let’s talk cluster replication. Easily add more server replicas to increase your overall system capacity by allocating more machines to a pool of resources. Disk and RAM needs are scaled to your application’s needs independently. Or, if an app requires less resources, simply scale back. Code Capsules lets you rapidly establish a scalable system through multiple servers instantaneously. Don’t blink, you might miss it.

Premium Support

Flying solo seems like a good idea, but when one of your engines blows up and leaves you plummeting to earth with one wing, you need help. Code Capsules has your back. We have a thriving community of Code Capsules users who can help you with your frontend development needs. Code Capsules offers 24x7x365 Premium support.


If you handle updates alone, you’ll be busy all day upgrading this framework, that OS, and on and on and on. Code Capsules handles software and infrastructure updates, leaving you to stress about more important things, like why the pizza joint is closed at 2am when you’re hungry.


These are the features that make your frontend development a breeze.


Use Angular, React, Vue, HTML5, and plain ol’ vanilla JS.


Code Capsules gives you a 99% uptime SLA. That means your app keeps plugging away at making people happy.

Github Integration

Push your code and let Code Capsules take care of your deployment, hassle-free. No matter the platform, GitHub implements a simple and easy workflow by providing users with effective tools. Code Capsules is made by developers for developers. Because we are you, we understand you. Code Capsules lets you enjoy minimum friction in implementation and seamless team integration.

Free SSL Certification

SSL is the backbone of secure Internet, protecting your sensitive information as it travels across the world's computer networks Company authenticity? SSL is essential. Rest assured that your website is safe with a free SSL certificate from Code Capsules. Auto renewal SSL certificate included. Automatic HTTP to HTTPS redirects for all your custom domains.

Team Scaling

Want more devs onboard? No problem. With Code Capsules you can easily grant access to other devs, so they can help you speed up your frontend dev, so your app powers up faster.

Cloud Support

Use your favorite cloud for code deployment… Google Cloud Azure Plus One X AWS Custom Cloud

Custom Domain Names

Domain names offer a simpler alternative for remembering and identifying websites - like home addresses for websites on the Internet. The custom domain name belongs to you and can create the opportunity to connect your domain name to custom email addresses too. Let’s get personal... If you want a unique branded label, Code Capsules gives you the flexibility of choosing personalised domain names and custom email addresses in association with your domain name.