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See the why of Code Capsules and meet the who behind this amazing tool built for MEAN dev teams.

Table of content

Our Mission

To provide MEAN/MERN/MEVN stack developers the easiest and quickest platform to build, deploy and scale their apps with.

You’re aching to send your app into the world to woo and wow people.

You’ve got Heroku running your backend, Netlify your frontend and Atlas your MongoDB.

Furthermore, you’ve slung all of this together in a bundle and tied it to your GitHub repository.

It works.

But keeping tabs on all of them can be tricky. You need to ensure that, when you push a toggle on Heroku, it won’t affect anything on Netlify or Atlas. Likewise, flicking a switch on Netlify could cause trouble for your Heroku or Atlas service.

There’s also the worry about whether this whole thing will hold up when it receives a sucker punch to the gut. What if the heat is turned up? Will your MEAN stack be able to roll with the punches? Or will it run to the corner and cower like a little coward?

What about uptime monitoring? It could be a mission to maintain if it’s split up among too many services. You could probably consolidate in an external dashboard, but that’s more overhead.

Furthermore, these services all slip you a bill at the end of the month.

And something chews at your orbitofrontal cortex. It’s nibbling at the dinner with friends, or that hot date, or the hackathon tonight.

You’re wondering when one of these companies, or all of them, will send out an email to announce a “price review” because they “care about customer satisfaction” and “want to offer you the best possible experience”.

It’s looming, and the thought puts a little damper on your spirits, like slugging back a tequila only to find someone had slipped sweetener into it.

This horse is sicker than it looks. Lead it outside and shoot it. There’s a better way.

Simplify Your MEAN Development
Sign up for Code Capsules and simplify your development. No need for separate services for your frontend, backend and MongoDB. Do it all from a single dashboard.
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Our History

Code Capsules is a relatively new company, but we're committed to being the best platform for MEAN stack developers.

The Problem

One evening, at the Appstrax headquarters…

“We can’t go on like this.”

“I know.”

“It’s too slow.”

“I know.”

“We need to do something about it. Build something. A tool. A machine that squashes all of this into one. We’ll call it… The Machine That Squashes It All Together Machine Thingamajiggerbob.”


“Let’s do it! Backend, frontend, DB, all of it. We’ll chuck it all in there!”


“And we can get the team to use it too, right?”


“Sweet! Let’s do it!”

“Are you gonna finish that pizza?”

And so was conceived the idea for the platform that makes the lives of MEAN/MERN/MEVN devs way super easier. The platform takes nine months to prototype. Like a real-life baby growing in the stomach of a proud mother.


The Solution

Another evening at Appstrax headquarters…

“She’s beautiful.”


“She’s perfect. She’s everything I dreamed she’d be.”


“And the team likes her too?”

“Yeah. Totally.”

“Should we introduce her to the world?”

“Yeah. Totally. Are you gonna finish that burger?”

And so, the digital daughter of Appstrax, the hope of the WWW, is lifted from the Cradle of Beta and introduced to the world as the only platform needed for MEAN/MERN/MEVN stack developers.



Yet another evening at the Appstrax headquarters…

“I’m so proud of her! She’s making so many friends; helping so many people find joy in their MEAN stacks.”

“She’s lovely.”

“Let’s give her more freedom; introduce her to more people.”

“Yeah. Are you gonna eat your tots?”

The growth continues, with more people being introduced to the Wonder that is Code Capsules.


Still Growing

One evening, outside the Appstrax headquarters…

“I’m proud of her.”

“Me too.”

“She’s doing amazing things, right?”

“Yeah. Totally.”

“Wanna grab a beer and discuss how we can help her take over the world?”

“Yeah. Totally.”

Why use Code Capsules

You might be wondering what makes Code Capsule different from services like Heroku, Netlify, Atlas and other PaaS. Here's why you should get started with Code Capsules.

One Platform

If you set up your MEAN stack any other way, you need more than one service. A traditional setup includes using Heroku for your backend, Netlify for your frontend and Atlas for your MongoDB. Code Capsules consolidates your backend, frontend and Mongo development, making it easier to manage.


Because your development happens on a single platform, you negate the need for multiple services, the inevitable outcome of which is lower cost.


Setting up multiple platforms and managing them comes with time overhead. With Code Capsules, you set up one platform and manage everything from there. It's much easier.


Having three platforms for a single app is a tedious way to build, deploy and scale. Because your app's backend, frontend and database are all set up in Code Capsules, your build, deploy and scale cycle becomes much faster.


Running your MEAN stack the old-fashioned way requires you to remember logins, connections and other important tasks. Because all of your tools and requirements are set up on one account in Code Capsules, your development life becomes much easier.

The Team

These are the folks responsible for bringing you the only PaaS you need for your MEAN dev needs.
Jacques de Villers
Miki von Ketelhodt
Daimon Sewell
Lead Developer
Jansie Blom
Head of Growth

Our Partners

These are the fine folks who make it possible for our team to bring you the only PaaS you need for your MEAN dev requirements.

Plus One X

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